We’re a family and locally owned service and will always do our very best to ensure satisfaction to our customers.

Our clients aren’t just customers but our neighbors, and we’ll always do our best to give them quality and courteous service at a fair price.

We won’t pretend we can clean your carpet for $9.95 per room or some super low price. We wouldn’t be able to stay in business, and we’re not going to use an unrealistic rate to get into your door and then pressure you into services you don’t need or want.

We will offer our service at very reasonable rates, have monthly specials, and have a great referral program for our customers who would feel comfortable recommending our service to others.

From our family to yours…..Thanks for visiting us and feel free to ask any question about our prices and service we offer.

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Carpet and Rug Cleaning Silver Spring MD | Carpet Rug Cleaning

Diamond Shine Carpet Cleaning, 8484 16th St, Silver Spring MD 20910